Free Trial

Trial \ˈtrī(-ə)l\ - a tryout or experiment to test quality, value, or usefulness

Boy oh boy, do we have something for you - not just a few free templates but... insert drum roll... the BEST damn interactive InDesign tutorial ever! For real.

You'll learn everything you need to know to kick ass, take names and lay out entire albums in record time. We'll have you up to speed and comfortable with InDesign in about an hour. Imagine having learned everything you needed to know about Photoshop in an hour... BOOM!

In the download, you'll find the tutorial and a set of ten square templates for you to test the quality, value, and usefulness before you buy.

There you have it. Amazingness for free!

1. Research the amazingness
2. Download a free trial HERE

*compatible with CS4 and higher

3. Complete InDesign tutorial
4. Experiment with your own layouts
5. Come running back for a full set

why InDesign?

  • Phenomenally faster
  • Simple and more accurate image placement
  • Easy to use cropping options
  • Less clutter - one document is open instead of 30 in Photoshop
  • You're protected from altering your original image
  • Updating with client requests is quick and painless