Frequently Asked Questions


Are your InDesign templates easy to use?
Yes yes yes! But don't take it from me... read some testimonials!
What forms of payment do you accept?
Currently, we accept all payments through PayPal. If you don’t already a have a PayPal account and don’t want to set one up, no worries, it’s not required! PayPal accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.
How will I receive the file?
We will automatically email a secure download to you immediately after receiving payment! If it’s not in your mailbox within 10 minutes, be sure to check your spam folder. In your email, there will be a link for you to download the .zip file. After the file has downloaded simply double click to “unzip” it.
I made a purchase, and haven’t received an email to download, what’s going on?
Be sure to check your spam folder!
What’s included in the download?
There will be a .pdf “quickstart guide”, an interactive InDesign tutorial and multiple InDesign library files (.indl). The number of libraries included depends on which product you purchased. Be sure to back up your files because that link will expire!
How large is the download file?
They’re big! Depending on which template collection you purchased, the download will be anywhere from 80mb to 350mb. Be sure not to close your browser window until the entire download is complete.
Waaaaaait a minute! I thought you were a photographer… not a designer?!
AU CONTRAIRE! I was a graphic designer before I worked as a full time photographer. I rock the bobbisocks off InDesign!
Are your templates both PC and MAC compatible?
Are these templates only compatible with certain album companies?
Nope! After designing your album, export your document as jpgs or as a pdf (whichever your album company prefers) and badaboom badabing it’s ready (after you’ve proofed it of course)!
Are your InDesign templates compatible with any other program such as Photoshop?
No, they're only compatible with InDesign.
I’ve opened the file, now what do I do?!
If you don’t know InDesign, spend an hour with the tutorial. It’s interactive – I promise it won’t be boring! If you already know InDesign, still open the quickstart guide for some quick important info.
My album supplier uses non-standard dimensions for their albums. Will the templates work?
We’ve included nearly all of the standard sizes from many of the commonly used album companies (Renaissance, Leather Craftsmen, Finao, GraphiStudio, Queensberry, Miller’s, Asukabook, WHCC, and VisionArt). However, be sure to check with your album company to find out their exact dimension requirements for printing.
What’s the difference between a page and a spread?
There are two pages on one spread. As of now, all of the album templates are available only in spreads.


I have InDesign but don’t know how to use it; can I still use the templates?
Of course you can! In the download I’ve included a tutorial that will give you all of the info you need to use these templates.
I don’t have the full Creative Suite, just Photoshop. Can I still use the templates?
Unfortunately, not yet. Photoshop templates are in the works though!
I’m still running InDesign CS3, are the templates compatible?
At this time, the templates are only compatible with CS4 and higher (to include Creative Cloud). Regarding previous versions of InDesign; I, along with most other InDesign users, were never happy with the way InDesign CS3 exported JPG’s. Oftentimes, weird artifacts and pixilated images would appear upon export. There has not been a software update issued for InDesign CS3 since 2008, so there probably never will be. As for template compatibility in the the future, we’re working on it, but no guarantees. My 2¢, for what it’s worth, UPGRADE!
How do I know if I have InDesign?
On a Mac, if you own it, you’ll find it here: system hard drive > applications > Adobe InDesign (inside that folder you’ll find the actual program). On a PC, click start > all programs and InDesign will be listed.
DRAT! I really want to try your InDesign templates and didn’t buy the full Creative Suite because I didn’t think I would ever need anything other than Photoshop. What should I do?
You can either buy InDesign as a stand-alone for $699 or you can upgrade to the full creative suite from any version of Photoshop for $849. If upgrading, be sure to select “Upgrade” then scroll down to the version of Photoshop that you own. Both products are available as downloads from the Adobe store online. You can also download a 30 day free trial from Adobe’s website.
What is this .indl file that came with the download?
An .indl file is an InDesign Library. Within each library are the super-easy-to-use templates. Templates are easily searchable by the number of images per spread and orientation within the library. The templates have been pre-set to auto fit your amazing images… making them even MORE super-easy-to-use. Not to worry, this will all make sense with a quick look at the tutorial.
I’m working with the InDesign template and the images look awful on my screen. What am I doing wrong?
InDesign defaults to display low-resolution images so that your computer can run faster. That being said, if you would like to view them at a higher quality go to your menu bar > View > Display Performance > High Quality Display. This has nothing to do with how your work will print, InDesign will use the full resolution of the photo when you export the finished file.
OH NO! I’ve just exported my InDesign document and the photos are pixilated! What have I done wrong?
Could be one of two things. 1) Check your print settings. In the print dialog, make sure you are printing with Graphics > Images > Send Data > ALL. Do not choose optimized subsampling. 2) Make sure that all of your images are linking correctly in the links palette. You may need to re-link the images. DON’T PANIC! Easy schmeezy. Go to the links panel in InDesign and click “re-link all links” (it appears as a broken chain). From there, simply browse your computer to relocate the missing files. Click here for more information about links and graphics from Adobe.
Are there any books you would suggest for a comprehensive understanding of InDesign?
But of course! Though I think that my tutorial will explain everything that’s needed for these templates… if you would like a more in-depth beginner’s book I highly suggest InDesign for Mac & Windows: Visual QuickStart Guide. Of course, that book is available for all versions of InDesign.
I’ve exported the files as JPGs for my album company. Now what do I do?
While I know that the template arrived to you in perfect condition, that doesn’t mean that one of your images wasn’t accidentally shifted (you moved one of those nifty blue boxes). Open each spread in Photoshop and look at each page large and VERY closely. Double check to make sure things are lined up, that there are no weird artifacts in your images, that all of the correct images are being used, and that all images were linked correctly at full resolution (to check this, go to the links panel in InDesign and click “re-link all links” It appears as a broken chain. From there, simply browse your computer to relocate the missing files). I cannot stress this enough, check your files before sending to print!! It only takes a little bit and can save you a headache later.
My album company asks that all album files be submitted in single page form instead of full spreads, can I do that with your album templates?
Yes yes yes! It takes just a bit of time after exporting your files. Once your InDesign files are complete exporting you will just crop each spread using Photoshop. Be sure to ask your album company to get exact dimensions.
I have InDesign CS4 but plan to upgrade to Creative Cloud, will your templates be compatible still?
Yep! InDesign files are forward compatible.


Can I install the templates onto more than one computer?
Absolutely louie! As long as that computer is yours, we say go for it! The templates are licensed to install on any computer that you personally own. Because the files are so large, we suggest using a jump drive to copy the product from one computer to another. My only request… please, do not share.
Can I make a copy and give it to my very very very best friend?
Nope, not even if your best friend just won the Nobel Peace Prize. NO SHARING ALLOWED! If I find out that you’ve stolen from us, I’ll send Jack Bauer to punch you in the stomach. If Jack Bauer is unavailable due to saving the world from evil terrorists, I will seriously consider punching you in the stomach myself! Remember, I’m Army trained… and not afraid to use it!!!


I noticed there isn’t a support number, why is that?
While we’d love to help each and every single one of you with minor questions… you have to understand that we’re just two people trying to live life and be happily married. I’ve created an interactive tutorial that will give you enough information to successfully use the templates. All of that being said, if you feel you have a legitimate, on-topic question that wasn't covered in the tutorial or in the FAQ’s, feel free to email us at info@thebobbishop.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. If it happens to be a weekend in June, it might be a few days! What are you doing designing albums on a Saturday off in June anyhow?!